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Beyond Eyes is being developed by Sherida Halatoe under the name tiger & squid. Sherida (1986) is a game developer from the Netherlands who received a Bachelors degree in Game design in 2011. Her graduation project was an early prototype of Beyond Eyes. It was her first solo project that she created to show that it is possible to create meaningful, emotion driven games without stripping away all gameplay elements


After graduating Sherida decided to start her own  studio named tiger & squid and worked on several projects since. Although each project is very distinctive from each other, all of them feature a unique art style, emotion-driven gameplay and an interesting insight in human psychology. They are also a bit quirky.


In 2014 tiger & squid joined forces with veteran studio Team17 to bring Beyond Eyes to both consoles and home computers in 2015.


Beyond Eyes is currently being finished by Sherida and an amazing team of professionals from Team 17.



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