List Of All The Components For Building a Gaming PC

No matter whether you are a fan of hunting Treasure or shooting games, if you have the desire to enhance your gaming experience, you must have a gaming PC. So, if you want to build a gaming PC and want to know about a gaming PC’s main components, then this guide is for you. Here I will tell you about all the components that you need to build your gaming PC.

List Of All The Components For Building a Gaming PC

1. Processor


Your CPU is the brain of the computer. It regulates a variety of ongoing tasks of your markup to execute them in a proper way. You must compare the specifications of the processor so that you get the best deal and more features. If you have the plan to build, then you should pick these processors i9 9900k, i7 9700k or Ryzen 7 3700X.

2. Motherboard


Likewise, CPU or processor, selection of a good motherboard is also an important component of a gaming computer. It is flesh and blood of the laptop which synchronizes the components together. It is the most important part of the gaming laptop that accommodates every other component and makes it work properly.

3. RAM


If you have been struggling with memory space of your gaming laptop, probably that is the most painful task you can ever face. Therefore, make sure that you choose the highest random Access Memory and quickly get out of any kind of Lacking. Even if you have the best processor, RAM space had to be at least 16 GB. Check out the specifications of the RAM you need and stick to the best one. Also, make sure that the RAM is supported by your system.

4. Hard Disk


The Hard disk is also a matter of concern for a versatile gaming PC. You can choose to buy solid state drive SSD or hard drive depending upon your need. Both of them are helpful in reducing the loading time and provide overwhelming storage capacity to the laptop.

5. Graphics Card(GPU)

Graphics Card

Graphics Processing Unit in abbreviated as GPU commonly. The photo-realistic games and enjoying the best imageries are only possible with a quality graphics card installed in your laptop. If you wish to enjoy the game with best picture quality and appearance, there has to be a GPU card for sure.

6. Water Cooler

Water Cooler

If you compare if you compare normal case fans with water cooler to reduce the temperature of your PC, latter serves the purpose in a better way. With reduced noise and aesthetic look, your laptop shall definitely work better with the water cooler. The workability of thermodynamics transfer the heat from the warmer object to the cooler one. Resultantly, the heat is dissipated from the radiator in order to ensure better and continuous workability of your gadget.

7. Case Fans

Case Fans

The computer case must have everything that you need in it. In other words, it should have plenty of space so that the components are conveniently installed and ventilated. Also, it must provide the convenience of part replacement and should be easy to install.

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