How To Delete Steam Account Permanently

If you find it suitable to delete your steam account on permanent basis, you need to get in touch with the customer care executive and provide the proof of your ownership to delete the account.

Steam is quite unclear about Permanent Account removal. Therefore, you have no other option apart from getting in touch with the customer care executives and submitting a termination request to them. For that matter, the executives will review the ownership of the account and take around 30 days for permanent deletion.

In case you are reluctant to lose your old data, quickly generate a new account and save the data in that. Read out the subscriber agreement of the steam account before cancelling your account.

Diy steam account deletion is next to impossible. Customers are allowed to delete the game and not the account itself. It is noteworthy that even after your account has been deleted, publicly visible text imageries are not removed. Therefore, it is better to edit the images before you submit the deletion request to the support. The data is not deleted with account deletion. The legal obligations prohibit the executives to delete your personal data from the account.


How do I cancel my account deletion?

Deleting your account particularly needs me who to contact customer care executives and submit the request through email or associated phone number. The customer care executive will ask for the proof of ownership and subsequently your account will be restricted from using committee features or making any kind of purchases for 30 days. Eventually, your account will be deleted after completion of 30 days.

Can I regain access to my account once it has been deleted?

Once your steam account has been deleted by the customer care support, there is no method to regain back your access.

Will I receive any refunds?

Receiving refund after account deletion is next to impossible. However, you are looking forward to receive refund, make sure that you apply the request before getting your account deleted. Reach the help site and read the refund policy there and do the needful.

What will happen to my Steam wallet balance?

Your steam wallet balance is no longer available once your steam account has been Terminated.

Can I re-use my CD Keys?

Termination of your steam account does not free up the CD keys. cd keys are not to be used on a different steam account altogether. Once your account has been deleted, you are not allowed to use your CD keys on any other account.

Can I re-use my account name?

Accounts are generated with unique ID and name. You can use account ID only for one in a lifetime. Profile name, email address and purchase methods are allowed to be used on multiple accounts by the users.

Can I play games after deleting my account?

(During the time period of 30 days ) After submission of deletion request to the customer care executives, it takes around 30 days to execute the process. During that time you are allowed to play games. After the account has been permanently deleted, users are not allowed to access steam account for playing games.

Sometimes customer care executives might ask you for a particular reason why you wish to terminate your account. Make sure that you have a genuine reason in your head to answer them.

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